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Graphic Packaging International - PaperSeal™ Tray Packaging System
Graphic Packaging International
Country: USA
Category: Food
With the plastic substitution agenda gathering pace, GPI developed PaperSeal™, a paperboard tray solution that replaces traditional foam and CPET trays. PaperSeal™ reduces plastic by up to 90%, and is made from 100% recyclable paperboard. PaperSeal’s unique structure features a one-piece continuous sealing flange, providing additional structural integrity while preventing
potential leakage in MAP and VSP packs. The film liner is easily separated from the paperboard after use, making both tray and film fully recyclable. With G.Mondini, we developed a one-step process to erect, line, fill and seal the paperboard tray by machine from a precut, flat paperboard blank.