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Graphic Packaging International - KeelClip™ Multi-Can Packaging System
Graphic Packaging International
Country: USA
Category: Beverages
KeelClip™ is a category-transforming multi-can packaging system that meets the growing need to reduce plastic in packaging. It is a sustainable, plastic-free, fully recyclable paperboard solution that replaces plastic rings and film. KeelClip™ securely captures can rims in its clip structure, while cans are adhered to the center “keel”,
forming a solid, stable pack. KeelClip™ accommodates a full range of can diameters/heights, and configurations/counts. Can orientation is controlled, enabling maximum brand visibility and multi-can billboarding. Can tops are also covered, providing important protection for today’s consumers. KeelClip™ fills on high-speed GPI machinery, meeting scalability needs of major beverage brands.