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The Monotube - eco-smart sampling solution (Evercalm Redness Relief Serum)
TUBEX Aluminium Tubes
Country: Austria
Category: Health and Personal Care
The Monotube is made of 100%-recycled-aluminium (with 95% PCR-content) and closes the loop by incorporating recycled aluminium-packaging used by end-consumers. It's recyclable, made of a single material and features a break-off-closure instead of a plastic-cap. The Monotube is a smart substitute for non-recyclable or difficult to recycle mixed-material-packaging (eg.sachets).
It's highly flexible, keeping it's shape with use and allows to use almost every drop of the product minimising left-over-waste, which is especially important for sample-sizes and for recyclability. The Monotube responds to today’s environrmental requirements for packaging by reducing the use of plastic, lowering emissions and ensuring high circularity.