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Category: SPECIAL AWARD - Packaging that Saves Food
Special Award: Gold Award
The joining of an ecological carton base with an R-Pet lid in this way is a novelty and is designed to create a stable, compact unit. A specially designed system that is easy to open and resealable allows the consumer to consume the contents in several steps. The packaging allows partial removal of the product and enables the packaging unit to be resealed at any time, thus avoiding food losses. The perfect feature is that the lid can serve as a base for the bottom after opening and is available for resealing at any time. Basically, the packaging is not an ex and hopp packaging.
The customer can remove the product as needed and reclose the food protected in the packaging. The lid is protected and neatly stored under the base after opening the packaging. In addition, the product is optimally protected for transport, also in sales. Sensitive foods such as berries, blossoms are neither lost nor can the contents of the packaging not be accessed directly in the supermarket. The customer receives a hygienically perfect product. Incidentally, it is also possible to make the base of the box liquid-tight. The lid is designed in such a way that it is almost leak-proof for viscous salad dressings, etc. The lid design has been adapted to the inner wall of the carton base so that the two surfaces - lid and base - achieve relatively good impermeability for viscous products.
The (Our) novel concept for stably connecting a plastic lid to a grip-point-free cardboard tray is based on the cardboard tray being taken into a tight clamp-press fit on the lid. For this purpose, the lid has a clamping groove, on both insides of which clamping nubs are provided between which the cardboard rim is clamped and undergoes circumferential shortening (contraction). The cardboard rim contracts in the groove and creates a press fit between the cardboard tray and the lid. In this way, a stable hold between the plastic lid and the cardboard tray can be ensured over a wide weight range. In the implementation of the new concept, the greatest challenge was to design a mold that would allow the clamping nubs, which are closely spaced in the clamping groove, to be reproducibly formed in the thermoforming process. After two years of development work, the high requirements of a cardboard floor manufacturer were successfully met. The development was necessary because the producer wanted to keep his cartonboard in use. The previously lidless carton bottom led to high product loss, contamination and consumer logistical problems. The customer had to carefully transport the packaging horizontally and could not place it in a bag without losing or damaging product. When the producer asked for a resealable, tight-fitting lid to be attached to a carton base, a solution was still unthinkable. The packaging is not dependent on special, industrial packaging. It can be closed manually on the spot. In contrast, it is also possible to set up the closure semi-automatically or fully automatically, depending on the need or infrastructure. The packaging is stackable for the sales shelves due to the special lid construction. The logistical advantages can be seen at every level: in industrial transport as well as at the consumer and distribution centre level. Our 50 years of experience have made it possible to solve a problem that was initially impossible to solve. However, with a lot of effort and in cooperation with a competent network in various areas such as thermoforming, cardboard packaging and toolmaking. All these three sectors have been our business for many years.
The base can be disposed of sorted by type, as organic varnish is used. The lid is made exclusively with R-PET film and can also be disposed of separately at the appropriate collection point. The packaging unit, combination carton / R-PET significantly reduces the use of PET.
The packaging unit is self-evident in terms of its advantages from the consumer's point of view. As it was also a consumer wish to attach a reclosable lid to be able to transport the purchased food products in a protected way. Also as a result of the Covid impact, it is an advantage that the products are protected by the lid in self-service markets. Unintentional product removal by the customer is also no longer possible; thus, this is not only a hygienic advantage, but the customer also receives an original sealed package with original content.
We all gain from thoughtful packaging by conserving resources and preventing food from being lost or damaged in transit, in order to be able to consume them in perfect condition as well as completely.