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KTP EuroStack 128
KTP Kunststoff Palettentechnik GmbH
Country: Germany
Category: Packaging Materials and Components
Ideal replacement of wooden Euro pallets and cardboard solutions
+ Reusable plastic container (extremely robust and long-lasting)
+ Closed surfaces (protection from water and dirt)
+ Maximum compatibility (identical pallet measurements for automated handling, use in high rack)
+ Maximum sustainability (made from recycled materials, 7-year service life, 100% recyclable)
+ Genuine 1200x800mm system dimensions, 3 identical longitudinal skids + Optimum internal dimensions + SmartFix® – unique fast and easy handling + Stack-compatible with the Euro pallet and VDA lid + High payloads, even in the high rack + Maximum capacity utilisation in Megatrailer (75% volume reduction in empties)