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Coca-Cola Amatil rPET Program
Coca-Cola Amatil
Country: Australia & New Zealand
Category: Beverages
Coca-Cola Amatil successfully converted all of its single serve beverage containers to 100% rPET covering bottles used for water, CSD, Aseptic Dairy and warmfill sensitive beverages. CCA is the first beverage manufacturer in the world to achieve this and it equates to 7 out of 10 bottles sold in Australia
CCA is the first in the Coke system to achieve the use of 100% rPET in a CSD application and also the only company in the world to have all single serve packs produced from 100% rPET. This covers the portfolio of water, CSD, dairy, sports, functional waters and juices
Category: SPECIAL AWARD - Sustainability
Special Award: Gold Award
The premise of the project was to replace virgin oil based PET with recycled PET across the entire single serve portfolio in Australia . Doing so reduced our usage of virgin PET by over 50%
The benefit to society of Coca-Cola Amatil's rPET program is a major reduction in the use of virgin PET. Through this program CCA has been able to reduce its use of virgin PET by over 50% replacing it with a more sustainable option in food grade rPET
There was a minor weight reduction on one of the packs achieved throughout the project however the major breakthrough was being able to convert to 100% rPET without adding weight to the packs as is common in many other applications.
There were minor reductions in energy usage throughout the project however as per the material reduction the key achievement in the project was delivering the outcome without the need to increase energy usage as is commonly done.
By converting such a significant percentage of CCA's PET usage to rPET we have created extra demand for rPET in the region. This will encourage improvements in the collection and recovery streams to supply this new demand. CCA has entered a joint venture to explore local rPET manufacture