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Asahi Super Dry Nama Jokki Can (Draft Beer Can)
Asahi Breweries, Ltd.
Country: Japan
Category: Beverages
Asahi SuperDry NamaJokkiCan is made of a full opening end and an automatically foaming can.You can easily enjoy Namajokki beer. Namajokki means a mug of beer in Japanese. We received JapanStar with the comment that our product was impressive because it made foam as well as preserved the contents.
As soon as opening the lid our product, you can enjoy beautiful white foam naturally formed without any tools. We developed the special inner coating to make foam with supplier. We use the full open end with the double safety structure, protecting customers from cut-wound.
Category: SPECIAL AWARD - Marketing
Special Award: Bronze Award
As drinking at home spreads, we embodied the insight of our customers, "I would like to enjoy draft beer at the store at home as in a bar." As a result, we can get many users, especially in young generation who are less familiar with caned beer.
Although SuperDry have been the most famous beer in Japan, we are fall in sales because of tendency for younger Japanese to drink other beverages. Young user enjoy our product not only as drink but also as entertainment. We hope that NamajokkiCan trigger young people’s interested in beer.