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Herb & Spice System: Stackable, Clickable pots, Fridge Door Caddy & Pinch Pouches
Botanical Food Company Pty Ltd
Country: Australia & New Zealand
Category: Food
An integrated packaging solution delivering a revolutionary herb system designed for busy cooks. Featuring: resealable pinch-pouches, clickable-stackable pots, fridge-door-friendly herb storage caddy, & flavour-matched colour tabs that aid navigation from in-store to home cooking. Busy cooks can now have ‘a herb garden at their fingertips’ to transform their everyday meals.
We wanted our product to be front of mind and fridge, so the revolutionary herb system is designed for easy access in the fridge door. At every consumer touch point, ease of use and culinary inspiration has been considered to ultimately help ‘busy cooks’ make every meal special with herbs.