WorldStars are presented only to those packs which, having already won recognition in a recognised national or regional competition, either in the current year or the previous year, are compared by an expert panel of judges to similar packs from around the world. See this page to find out how to become a recognised competition.

When entering WorldStar, pack images and justifications are compared by an expert panel of judges with other similar packs submitted from all around the world. Award decisions are based on the judges' consensus that a pack is superior to the other packs in its geographical market and category, when it comes to performance and innovative design.  All WorldStar winners are of equal standing.  The Special Award Finalists are awarded either Bronze, Silver or Gold.

The judges consider the following criteria:

  • Protection and preservation of contents
  • Ease of handling, filling, closing, opening and reclosing
  • Sales Appeal
  • Graphic Design
  • Quality of Production
  • Cost Reduction, economy of material
  • Environment compatability - recyclability
  • Ingenuity of construction
  • Suitability for local conditions (production, materials, market, etc.)

The closing date for the 2021 Awards entries is 19 October, 2020  and the judging panel will meet in November for the judging. The jury's decision is final. The jury has the right to exclude entries which do not meet the conditions of entry. The jury has the right to move a pack to a different category.