Packaging Materials & Components
A. Hatzopoulos S.A.

The Hatzopoulos X-CYCLE flexible packaging range is a series of recycle-ready films, designed for the circular economy. Compatible with recycling through the PE/PP/Mixed Polyolefins plastics recycling streams, these films combine high-protective properties for product shelf-life extension – preventing waste-, high-performance, resource-efficiency, excellent shelf-appeal, consumer convenience and many add-on packaging functionalities together.
These high-barrier, mono-material/homogeneous composites we designed can replace conventional, non-recyclable laminates used for several sensitive products (coffee/ nuts, etc) with recycle-ready and lighter alternatives (with higher product-to-package ratio). Suitable for high-quality printing, good stiffness, hermetic sealing properties (even at lower temperatures), thus less energy consumption and reduced overall environmental impact